Dargelos Cycling Accessories

A waxed canvas hip pouch and reflective tassel for safer city cycling

Dargelos-pouch-1.jpg Dargelos-tassel-2.jpg

Even the coldest of conditions can’t deter a steadfast cyclist. To help make the daily commute safer during dark winter months, Brooklyn-based Dargelos created a line of subtly reflective accessories for the design-conscious cyclist. Entering the portage industry a few years ago, the small studio is now part of the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, which serves as a strong testament to their distinct talents and commitment to using smart materials.

One of the more recent designs is a Belt/Pouch to replace the bulky bags most commuters are forced to wear. Measuring roughly 7×8″, the small bag attaches to your belt loops and serves to secure anything from keys and phone to notebooks and bike tools. The waterproof, 10oz-waxed canvas is reinforced with vegetable-tanned leather.

Dargelos-tassel-3.jpg Dargelos-pouch-3.jpg

While definitely the smallest accessory, the Tufts are easily the most visible. Made of a highly reflective 3M material, the 3-inch tassel can be linked onto a zipper or saddle, or even worn as earrings to increase rider presence in low light conditions. We appreciate the unobtrusive design that manages to be at once small, silent and extremely visible.

You can pick up the Belt/Pouch and Tufts online from Dargelos for $78 and $16.

Images courtesy of Dargelos