Perceval 9.47 Table Knives

A superior solution to insufficient flatware, handmade in France


When Michelin-starred chef Yves Charles couldn’t find a table knife to match the caliber of his cooking, he decided to make one. Inspired by the pocket knives carried by many of his compatriots—and the 9.47% ABV wine Charles and his friends shared when the decision was made—Charles took up with artisan atelier Perceval to create the 9.47 table knife. Now working in-house with the high-end knife-maker in Thiers, France, Charles supervises the specialized production of the modest utensils. Made entirely by hand of cryogenically treated steel and polyacetal thermoplastic, the powerful knives are both modest in form and superior in function.


At $150 for a set of two, the price can be a bit discouraging. However, once in hand, there’s no denying the 9.47’s sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. As French restaurateur Philippe Essome, the sole stateside importer of Perceval, says, the 9.47 is “simple, beautiful and efficient, that’s it.” For the 9.47 and other Perceval knives visit Strell’s online shop Fifi’s Import.

Images by Graham Hiemstra