Packaging and Choosing and Using Paper


Mark Hampshire Keith Stephenson of the U.K. design firm Absolute Zero° recently published two new books on packaging design and paper.

Packaging from DemoGraphics is one in a series of books that examines the way specific designs target audiences. Numerous stunning examples illustrate how packaging homes in on gender, age, socio-economic group, disposable income, profession and shopping habits. Case studies feature interviews with designers and brand owners to explain why specific choices were made, why they worked and how the designs evolved from a prototypes or concept to form successful, user-centered designs. The book also features a useful tools for designers including a palette of ideas, materials, and inspirations with which to design their own targeted packaging.

Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design is a comprehensive sourcebook for paper-focused design that gathers all the information needed for planning and executing a project in paper from fold styles and paper sizes to binding techniques to packaging. Featuring many examples of amazing graphic design projects from art, fashion and product design grouped by type, technique and theme, it also includes a swatch envelope with examples of 18 varieties of paper ranging from 115sm matte paper to various glossy, recycled and wood-free options to 36gsm bible paper, a great resource for designers.

Both books highlight several products that had already caught Cool Hunting's eye including: Kidrobot's Gorillaz figurines , the USB Cell Rechargeable Battery Readymade's How to Make {Almost} Everything book, products by Knock Knock's, Howies and Thom Yorke: The Eraser. The books also featured many products that we are eager to check out. Expect a series of hand-on reviews of products from the books soon.
Available at Rotovision
Packaging: Design Successful Packaging for Specific Customer Groups
is $40 and Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design
is $45.

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