Dirk Westphal at Maison 24

Exclusive photographic series "Caps" and "Payphones"

Dirk-Westphal-1.jpg Dirk-Westphal-2.jpg

Dirk Westphal has worked in several mediums throughout his career, putting images of goldfish on surfboards and creating copious volumes of collages, but he is probably best known for his photography, and his ability to combine of images and objects that explore and convey what he calls “perceptions of beauty” in society.

Westphal now becomes the latest addition to the designer roster at Maison 24, which will exclusively debut the artist’s latest works. The store will unveil two new photographic series, four pieces from Westphal’s “Caps” and three “Payphone” works. Only seven of each has been produced as large-scale C prints, reverse-mounted on Lucite.

Dirk-Westphal-3.jpg Dirk-Westphal-4.jpg

Westphal’s newest exploration of color has come to fruition in a body of plastic caps that his wife and two sons have been collecting for the past three years. Four color stories in blue, white, red, and green create a vibrant, monochromatic punch using repurposed caps of different shapes and sizes.

“Payphones” marks Westphal’s compilation of photos of graffitied booths that he took in the early ’90s, possibly presuming the impending uselessness of the invention in the coming modern age.

Dirk-Westphal-5.jpg Dirk-Westphal-6.jpg

Both series will be unveiled at Maison 24 Bridgehampton store 15 June 2012. “Payphones” are priced from $6,000 and “Caps” from $7,800 each.