Dopie Sandals


Here's something to brighten up your feet as you move toward summer. This strange-looking colorful footwear looks like the born-again sole of a Nike Air Rift sneaker. In fact, the Dopie sandal is a collaboration between industrial designer Matthew Harrison and the eco-friendly shoe company Terra Plana. Developed over two years, the Dopie is the result of the search for a "sandal in a simpler and pure form: a single shape sole to protect the foot that folds up between the toes to provide control. An optional strap is provided to add extra functionality to Dopie beginners." We love the crazy color range and the minimal use of materials in the single molded form, which is made from recycled EVA and foam rubber. The Dopie craze has already begun in the U.K. and Europe where the sandals have been on sale since April. Look out for them online or in the NYC Terra Plana store.

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