Exclusive Cindy Sherman “Film Stills” Tray

Sundance Institute collaborates with the iconic photographer for a limited edition piece, featuring one of her most elusive images


Cindy Sherman is decidedly one of the greatest American photographers, with her repertoire including some of the most expensive photographs ever sold. So it is no surprise that the Sundance Institute, with its mission to support great achievements in film and storytelling, would find a way to recognize Sherman as an icon of incredible merit. In turn, Sherman honors the Institute by becoming one of the latest members of its exclusive Artist Edition collection. The collection—which has featured work by greats such as Susan Sarandon, John Waters and Anna Sui—has become a delightful way to support Sundance by creating limited-run collaborative pieces with all proceeds directly benefiting the Institute. As part of this effort, Sherman has contributed a vintage print from her illustrious “Untitled Film Stills” series, which has rarely been shown for exhibition despite its fame. Placed on an 11.25 x 8.25 porcelain tray, the image makes for a highly collectible piece that truly exudes the epitome of great film.

The Cindy Sherman “Film Stills” Tray is available for pre-order for availability in January 2015.

Image courtesy of Sundance Institute