Fraggle Rock Playing Cards

Hollywood's The Spare Room releases a special deck commemorating the beloved TV show's 30th anniversary


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson’s beloved children’s television program Fraggle Rock, Hollywood gaming parlor The Spare Room recently released a limited edition deck of Fraggle-branded playing cards. Known for subtly touching on subjects as deep and varied as friendship, prejudice, spirituality, personal identity and the environment, the progressive television show—which made its international debut in 1983—appealed to an audience of all ages with wild music, poetic dialog and dark humor.


Produced by US Playing Card Company, the American-made deck features custom illustrations of some of the show’s most memorable characters, from Gobo and Mokey Fraggle to the Gorgs and even Uncle Traveling Matt. Find the Fraggle Rock playing cards online exclusively from The Spare Room for $10. And remember to dance your cares away.

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Images by Graham Hiemstra