Freitag Credit Card Wallets


You may already be familiar with the Swiss company, Freitag. They're known for their trendy-yet-individual bags made from old truck tarps. A couple of things you may not know are: the bags were first tested for durability on the back of a bike messenger out in San Francisco and that they outsource production to a factory that employs people with disabilities. Now that you're up to speed, check out their new wallets inspired by spoiled rich kids and named after a few of the clan from the show 90210; (from left to right) Brandon, Dylan, and Brenda. These wallets only hold cards, so no big wads of cash or coins!! There are an array of pockets and three different styles to choose from. Each one folds up nice and compact with an outside pocket for frequently used cards. Brenda and Dylan are the ones I'm pining after, but I'll have to exert a bit of footwork to appease my rubber fetish since these items are not available through their online store.

UPDATE: Although their website currently doesn't indicate this, a little birdie told me that the wallets will be available through their online store by April 1st. And that same little birdie told me that unless you live out in LA, don't bother with the footwork since the rubber goodies are only currently available in the U.S. at MoCA. But do not fret. I'm sure if you make a few calls (west coast friends?), pay for some shipping, you can get your hands on one of them, one way or another.