Freitag Fake Snake Collection

Truck tarps upcycled into chic reptillian-scaled bags

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At Freitag‘s newly opened NYC shop you will find over 1,000 of the Zurich-based brand’s one-of-a-kind bags cut from used truck tarpaulins, but you will also find a surprising twist on their main material. Showing a softer side of Markus and Daniel Freitag, the brotherly duo’s Fake Snake limited edition handbags reveal a more malleable take on tarp.

fakesnake1.jpg fakesnake2.jpg

Each bag is comprised of 648 pieces, all assembled by hand and laced together over a six-hour process. Producing just ten bags for each colorway, each limited run is housed at one of Freitag’s five flagship stores around the world. Part of their Spring/Summer 2011 Reference collection, the bags come in two sizes and sell for $802 and $469 each.


For a closer look at the making of the bags check out Adrian Ehrat’s photos after the jump.