Freitag Reference Limited Edition

A new limited edition of rare recycled tarps by the Swiss bag maker


Favored by element-exposed bike messengers, Freitag’s sustainable products stand up to the rigors of rugged travel and look sleek in the process. The Swiss brand recently caught our eye when they turned their standard recycled-tarpaulin wares into fake snakeskin handbags, and they continue to reinvent themselves with the release of the Freitag Reference Limited Edition, a vibrant range of just 150 bags.


The new line features tarp colors hardly ever found on the Swiss transport trucks from which Freitag sources its materials, but after 18 years in operation, the company has managed to collect enough off-color tarps to make a small run of two classic styles—R103 Green and the R504 Clemens—in the rare shades, giving them appropriately quirky alliterative names like panic pink, blunt black, striking silver, brute brown and absolute anthracite. The collection will comprise just 15 pieces for each of the two styles, so fans of the brand should plan ahead for their launch on 22 November 2011.