Glassybaby Votives


With gently shifting colors, the 70 different glass vessels that make up the Glassybaby collection set the mood for any occasion—whether used as a cup, vase or candle holder. The line includes opaque and translucent versions that range from bright, saturated hues to more serene tones, each constructed using a multi-layered glassblowing process that makes for a thick, sturdy structure and lines of color that gorgeously evoke a sunset. Founder Lee Rhodes, or one of 30 team members, blows each one in their Seattle studio.


Lending themselves well to any number of functions, each Glassybaby spreads warmth to a room whether lit or not. They sell online for $40 each, or check out the Glassybaby of the month club available in three-, six- or 12-month segments.


For those in NYC, the handmade vessels now also light up a West Village boutique, Glassybaby's new second home as of several days ago (the first is in Seattle). Their stores maintain the same conscientious ethos that lies at the heart of the Glassybaby brand: to live in harmony with the earth and goodwill for all. From "bag cleansing" to donating a portion of sales to various cancer research and support organizations, their efforts shine as brightly as their votives.

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Glassybaby NYC
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