Graphic Designer Steven Horton Jr’s Black Justice Flag

Graphic designer Steven Horton Jr has reimagined the US flag with Black Americans in mind. The bold design—inspired in part by Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African Flag and David Hammond’s African American flag—aims to represent those who don’t feel represented by the star-spangled banner which “has become a symbol of division. It is a symbol of the past. A past that embraced slavery and racism,” Horton Jr tells Dalia Al-Dujaili at It’s Nice That. After recognizing that the current design was notably absent during Black Lives Matters protests, Horton Jr set out to research flags and found there’s immense meaning behind every choice made in their designs. In the Black Justice Flag, the yellow represents the path forward and the median on streets that thousands marched upon, while the red represents bloodshed of countless Black Americans. The flag has also been designed in a 6:9 ratio, representing Juneteenth and the year 1619. Horton Jr says he hopes this design will be something “protestors could wave, symbolizing the demand for justice and equality for Black Americans.” Read more at It’s Nice That.

Image of Black Justice Flag Copyright © Steven Horton Jr, 2021