Hautlence’s LABYRINTH Watch Doesn’t Tell Time

Instead, the luxury watchmakers put a childhood game on the wrist

Ahead of Baselworld 2016, Hautlence (a luxury watchmaker that was founded in 2004) has just released their newest product—and describe LABYRINTH as an “entirely essential yet fundamentally useless object.” Designed to make the wearer slow down, take some time out and embrace their inner-child, the LABYRINTH is an old-school game, worn on the wrist like a watch.

Yet, even with no innovative tech, the piece is still luxurious. The dial is essentially a maze, carved in solid gold, the ball is forged platinum and the case is made from titanium. So while the game is a throwback to childhood, the materials and quality of craftsmanship is certainly grown-up. Ultimately though, the reason the LABYRINTH is truly luxurious is that it encourages wearers to enjoy the most precious thing: time.

A delightfully tongue-in-cheek but genuinely enchanting creation, the LABYRINTH was released today and is available at various retailers around the world.

Images courtesy of Hautlence