James T. Williamson: It’s Hard Work


The latest sculpture by Brooklyn artist James T. Williamson, titled "It's Hard Work," is a spoof on the traditional plaster presidential bust. What began in 2001 as a study to better understand Bush's face, the all-to-familiar squinting visage comes in a military green, slate blue, red and tan. Williamson says, "I had been creating two dimensional Bush protraits and caricatures and was frustrated by his deceptively complex face."

Outfitted with the fashionable flag pin on the lapel, on his back you can even see "the device" made famous during the Presidential debate of 2004. At 5" tall, the busts are cast in two-part epoxy resin and finished by hand. Williamson makes each individually. Editions of 50 in 3 colors will be for sale online through James Williamson at Busted in a few days.

If you can't wait that long, it is available at Greenjeans and High Five in Brooklyn, NY for $100. For those of you not in the Brooklyn area you can call the friendly staff at High Five (+01 718 599 3725) and they will ship them out to you.

An editorial cartoonist and illustrator featured in the New York Times and various children's books, check out Williamson's other works here.