Brooklyn artist Justin Amrhein depicts mad scientist machines in his first solo show in San Francisco


So intricately drawn they are seemingly plucked straight from the imagination of a mad scientist, artist Justin Amrhein‘s works will give you a pretty good idea of what that might look like. Currently on view in a solo show dubbed “Schema“, Amrhein’s illustrations precisely map the interiors of complicated imaginary machines, contrasting strong parallel lines and sharply angled corners with organically-shaped valves and snaking cables. With the occasional splash of color, the overall muted color palette balances out the elaborate show of lines.

JustinAmrhein-2.jpg JustinAmrhein-3.jpg

Whether the subject is as organic as a praying mantis, as threatening as a nuclear weapon, or as exotic as a futuristic device conjured up by the artist’s imagination, each drawing brings to light those hidden workings underneath the surface that tend to escape our notice.

amrhein-schema1.jpg amrhein-schema2.jpg

“Schema” is on display at San Francisco’s Michael Rosenthal Gallery through 30 July 2011.