Beautiful Brass Watering Cans by Lee West Objects

Clean, sculptural housewares from the designer's eponymous label find inspiration in nature


Over eight years ago we took note of British-born, Paris-based designer Lee West for his striking use of organic forms while working within companies like Ligne Roset and Cinna. Since, West has formed his own eponymous brand and created an array of beautiful objects that subtly convey the value of clean design. Among the new works, both his Brass Watering Can and Patinated Watering Can really stand out. Each made-to-order piece is hand-crafted in Vienna at the Auböck workshop and stamped by Lee West Objects and Auböck.


Each is constructed with the purpose of delicately watering smaller interior plants. “The idea was to create a small indoor watering can that could be left next to the plants and blend into its environment. The composition of elements came from a small tree branch that I found; I saw that with a high spout, a long reach was possible. I then experimented with paper models to find the correct proportions,” West shares with CH. The former bears a mirrored polish, that will develop a patina over time as the metal oxidizes (if one decides not to polish it often). The latter bears a special dark aubergine patinated effect, unique to each piece, resembling a marbling. “The collection aims to have longevity from an aesthetic and qualitative point of view. Hopefully people will want to use these objects regularly and enjoy watching them age,” he concludes. Both are among a handful of hand-crafted objects in Lee West’s collection, and they’re as usable as they are beautiful.

Purchase Lee West Objects’ Brass Watering Can and Patinated Watering Can for €419 and €449 respectively.

Images courtesy of Lee West Objects