Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Plane sex, David Lynch's coffee, the world's beautiful bookstores and more in our look at the web this week


1. David Lynch Coffee

Last year famed director David Lynch
created his own line of coffee beans, and in traditional Lynch style he released
a bizarre and entertaining advertisement to promote his new brand. Check out
his latest spot, which unsurprisingly offers up a creepy flash of the filmmaker’s coffee obsession.

2. Blue Marble HD

The iconic photo of Earth, taken from outer space by the Apollo 17 crew in 1972, gets a high-def makeover from NASA. The exceptionally crisp new image, originally dubbed Blue Marble, is a composite of data collected by the new Suomi satellite put into orbit October 2012.

3. Foldable Bike Helmets

Based on a concept in 2010 these interesting helmets look to be going into production
shortly. Aimed to combat helmet-less riders, the design takes on the
challenge of maximizing available space for commuters.

4. Plane Sex

Bloomberg Businessweek Creative Director Richard Turley sheds light on the magazine’s redesign and his approach to the covers, which have been making waves for their edgy outlook on topics like aviation, economics and politics.


5. Wrinkles of the City

After a year plastering oversized
portraits on global streetscapes, artist JR has released a video of interviews with his
subjects. Interviewees discuss the notion of wrinkles and age,
reflecting on the symbols of their life and the city of Los

6. Todd Waterbury’s Apartment

The aggressively minimalist
single bedroom apartment of Todd Waterbury exemplifies the
concept of a design perfectionist. Among his proclivities is an
insistence on monochromatism and a vendetta against sofas. Not
subscribing to trends and style, Waterbury instead insists on
following a set of personal design commandments.

7. Return Of The Sun

Filmmakers Glen Milner and Ben Hilton traveled to Greenland to capture the locals’ as they celebrate the return of the sun after 40 days of total darkness. The beautiful imagery sadly depicts a real climate change though, one understood by the Inuit fishermen who now have to find new ways to hunt since their environment is changing right before them.

8. Tissue Series

In her Tissue Series artist Laura Nillson folds and rolls
different papers to create fantastic anatomical cross sections. The pieces,
which have an impressive amount of detail, strikingly resemble what you
would see in an actual medical school text book.


9. Mattebox

Lifting inspiration from the 1993 Konica Hexar
point-and-shoot, a new camera app called Mattebox aims to bring prosumer
control to your cell phone. The semi-opaque interface allows users to
adjust ISO, white balance, saturation and vignetting among other
effects. To top it all off, the app can adjust settings using gestural

10. Clear

A new iPhone app that is currently in the making aims to add some
simplicity to your life. Clear appears to have a simple and clean user
interface with gesture based interactivity to easily create, manage and
accomplish tasks.

11. Core 77 Design Awards

Following the success of their first
open contest, Core 77 is back with their second annual design awards competition. Winners receive Core
77’s unique mould-shaped award from which they can cast their own
victorious ingots. The early bird entry special ends March 13th, so
take advantage of 20% off entry fees by heading over to submit to one
of the 17 design categories.

12. The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

From Slovakia to California, Flavorwire pieces together an impressive display of the world’s most beautiful book stores, giving one more reason to celebrate the printed word.