Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Our weekly online snapshot: Big Bang chandeliers, Daft Punk's new track, animated booty claps and more


1. Portfolio Review: Stop Motion Video Animator/Illustrator Kirsten Lepore

From her claymation “Booty Clap” to animated vintage board games, Kirsten Lepore’s slightly twisted sense of humor and gift for storytelling make the young artist’s portfolio a fun one to check out on a lazy weekend.

2. Yves Behar for Herman Miller Task Chair Creative Process

FastCo Design takes us behind the scenes of the laborious creative process that went into creating the much-hyped new Yves-Behar designed Sayl chair for Herman Miller, whose $399 price point came without sacrificing quality or good looks.

3. A To Do List For James Dyson

James Dyson, the British inventor with the uncommon ability turn fans and vacuums into highly-functional objects of desire, has been given a new list of trivial everyday technologies that need his help. Gadget Crave’s list includes several products begging for refinement, including the dishwasher and wireless speakers.

4. Ensemble

Moxy Creative recently turned out another simple but sophisticated infographic for Everyguyed, this time depicting only the iconic outfits of 20 male musicians.


5. A Look Inside the Sketchbooks of 12 Top Designers

An inspirational slideshow on FastCo Design shows us personal sketchbook pages from the world’s top illustrators and graphic designers, pulled from the new book Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers.

6. Daft Punk Track ‘Derezzed’ from Tron

Surely by now you’ve heard the buzz about the Daft Punk-scored Tron soundtrack, and now on Wired you can hear the first official song from the film.

7. Sprocket Rocket

Lomography’s latest gives you creative control of the panorama in a retro body. The wide-angle film camera has manual controls for moving the full-bleed exposed film during exposure.

8. Jetta Paper

This spot by 1st Avenue Machine for the 2011 Jetta cleverly shows a papersketch car driving down the road, with wind blowing off pages to show layers of its earlier paper design iterations before revealing the car underneath.


Cosmological Sculptures

A residency award from OSU’s Wexner Center for Arts allowed artist Josiah McElheny to create a series of astonishing chandeliers that incorporate accurate scientific knowledge about the Big Bang and the expanding universe—soon to be will be on display at London’s Tate Modern.

10. Le Labo x Anthropologie

Revered artisinal perfumer Le Labo crafted five autumnal scents for Anthropologie, available as eau de parfum or more conveniently as a solid “concrete” scent, housed in a tin “inspired by turn-of-the-century measuring weights.”

11. Fridgecouch

Architect Adrian Johnson was trying to find parts to build a custom couch for his wedding when he stumbled upon a cherry BMW back seat at the scrap yard. A visit to another junk yard turned up a 1970s refrigerator body and the idea clicked. The result are his series of super retro and stylish fridge couches, check out the designs section to see all three models.

12. Designed to Death

The work of his longtime friends and colleagues Peter Saville and Ben Kelly, Factory Records founder Tony Wilson’s black granite headstone bears a quote about immortality chosen by Wilson’s family—a stunningly moving tribute to a cultural great.