Link About It: This Week’s Picks

USB vibrators, mealworm meals and Ford's new concept car in our weekly look at the web


1. Iris Apfel

The New York Times profiles 90-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel, who over the years gained notoriety for her style choices—most notably her round glasses. In addition to a new book and upcoming film, the free-spirited New Yorker will soon parlay her look into a tangible line, selling it on the surprisingly savvy HSN this September.

2. Bug Originals

The Atlantic’s Daniel Fromson has lunch with Marian Peters, the brains behind Amsterdam’s Bug Originals. Discussed over a plate of mealworm fried rice, Peters aims to make bugs a mainstream protein source through her line of insect-based meals and a cookbook with revered entomologist Arnold van Huis.

3. Compressed 02

Kim Pimmel used standard household soap and exotic ferrofluids to create this extremely intriguing video. The scientific spirit melds nicely with photography nerd impulses to culminate in a series of enchanting maze-like formations.

4. Duet

Designed by San Francisco-based studio Crave, the Duet is a USB-drive-and vibrator-in-one. Plug the discreet waterproof toy into your computer to recharge and tuck it in your handbag for on-the-go pleasure. Donate here to make this product a reality


5. Ford Evos Concept Car

Sleek and clean, the first images of the Evos concept were release this week. Expected to be fully unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show later this month, the concept heralds a new design direction for Ford.

6. John’s Phone

Without email, camera, texting or ringtones, John’s Phone by John Doe Amsterdam is the quintessential low-tech cell phone. Requiring no contract, a simple SIM card allows users to make up to six hours of calls while roaming the globe before the little brick needs a charge. The back panel also flips open to reveal a pen and notebook for jotting down important ideas.

7. Wacom Inkling

An undoubtedly game-changing device for artists and graphic designers, Wacom’s new Inkling device clips to any surface and records what’s drawn using their specially-designed pen. Once complete, the data can be uploaded to any computer and saved in a variety of formats.

8. How Toilet Paper is Made

A clip from the Discovery Channel made the rounds again this week on the web, detailing the production of one of the most valued types of parchment. Take a look and learn the ropes of how toilet paper is produced—it will give you something to think about when you next get some quality time on the throne.