Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Compact and clever LEDs designed by Helsinki-based Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Palomar


While many brands have begun to offer attractive bicycle lights in recent years, few offer the ease of use that Lucetta does. Designed by Helsinki-based Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Italian design company Palomar, Lucetta is a set of small LED lights that secure to your bicycle—or any metallic surface—using magnets, and nothing else. Snap the lights to the bike to turn on steady light, snap them back once to switch modes to slow flashing and once more to set fast flashing. And once the destination is reached, the tiny lights connect to one another for carrying, forming a single object hardly bigger than a roll of nickels.

lucetta-magnetic-light-1.jpg lucetta-magnetic-bike-light.jpg

Lucetta was designed to be as compact as possible without sacrificing function. And of course, as with Pizzolorusso’s previous projects, aesthetics tie the design together. “The distinguishing element is the small hole through which the light comes out,” explains Pizzolorusso. “We were not interested in giving it a ‘technical’ look, but a clean one—the core of the project lies in both the interaction and the light itself.”


Pizzolorusso even puts doubts of cobble stone and pothole compatibly to rest by confirming Lucetta has been tested on varied surfaces and is more than up to the test—it’s “extremely stable.” With up to 40 hours of run-time, and enough light dispersion to keep you visible from both front and behind (or wherever they are positioned), the LED Lucetta is a solid option for design-minded urban cyclists, and cost €25 a pair. For more insight into how the clever little lights work, see the demonstration video.

Images courtesy of Emanuele Pizzolorusso