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Meet Sombra, the Lampshade for Bike Lights

Improve all-around visibility by diffusing high-powered rear lights


Visibility on the bike is an essential part of staying safe on the road. Recent years have seen innovations in both apparel and lights that make being seen easier. While the lumen output has increased, many bike tail light designs still funnel beams entirely out in one direction. While incredibly strong, visibility is disproportionately limited to directly behind the bike. The carefully designed Sombra diffuses this high-luminosity beam, improving side and ambient visibility—as well as ensuring those behind you in the bike lane aren’t blinded. Constructed from high-test Polypropylene, the Sombra is attached to the bike through the seat post. Though users must remove their seat to install the light diffuser, it also means quick-theft isn’t likely.

Compatible with most frames and high-powered lights, the Sombra is currently crowd-funding and early supporters can snag their own for just $5 with free worldwide shipping.

Image courtesy of Sombra Cycle


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