Made by Breath

Czech designer Michaela Tomišková combines glass, crystal and electricity to create elegant and modern lamps

by Adam Štěch


Two different stories of Czech craft heritage have come together in two different types of glass for a collection of lamps, “Made by Breath”, from young Czech designer Michaela Tomišková. The 2011 Prague AAAD graduate has indeed given new life to traditional production with her unorthodox use of materials—in collaboration with two national glassworks—each specializing in different forms of production.


The legendary Moser glasswork from Karlovy Vary, which was founded in 1893 by Ludwig Moser, has supplied pure cut crystal glass for the project. On the other hand, Kavalier, founded in 1837 Sázava and known for its special tubular laboratory glass called Simax, has prepared minimalist-construction elements.


The distinctly different styles and use of materials harmonize in the decorative, yet minimalist and functional collection of table lamps. Most of the lamps are comprised of thin tubular glass by Kavalier decorated with eclectic crystal parts by Moser. The result is a subtle, surprising connection of forms and shapes, which highlights the visual qualities of the range of materials.

Made-Breath-6.jpg Made-Breath-7.jpg

“Cut crystal glass from Moser is more decorative with great light qualities, while Simax from Kavalier is more functional, says Tomíšková. “I have used it for whole construction of lamps and for better adjustment of electricity.” The connection between the two transcends the form, function and construction of lamps itself, letting the whole of Czech glassmaking history resonate in the contemporary progressive ideas that bring together these two opposite stories of Czech glass craft and industry.


“Made by Breath” is available directly from the designer, with prices starting at $580.