Manifesto Design Exhibit


Dispelling the age-old adage that "the end justifies the means," the Italian exhibit Manifesto instead embraces the ideology that "getting there is half the fun," displaying the works of 13 successful designers and the process involved in achieving their final product.

Offering an intimate glimpse at the methods designers employ, the goals they strive for and the tools they use, Manifesto aims to showcase the hard work and difficult process that masters of design ensue, providing a realistic overview for young creatives.


The curators gave each designer full reign to create a personal manifesto, a word that commands three meanings in the Italian language—a public poster, a programmatic piece of writing, or something obvious and transparent. Considering all three elements of the word, designers such as KesselsKramer, Ellen Lupton, Stefan Sagmeister and Daniel Eatock (to name just a few) put forward inspirational and insightful credos that are as meaningful to the exhibit as they are individually.


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Through 31 October 2009
XYZ Gallery
Via Inferiore, 31
31100 Treviso, Italy map
tel. +39 328 02 81 184