MIAD 2006 Show


And now, the perfect roadstop for mega-designgeeks on a summer cross-country trip. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a hidden history of industrial design innovation starting with industry pioneer Brooks Stevens. The Juried Exhibition of 2006 graduates from the (yes it is) prestigious Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) present the next generation purveyors of beautiful planned obsolescence. Product prototypes, 3-D proposal renderings and boundary-pushing corporate graphic design from the best undergraduate and masters students are featured in the show. Like the stereotype of the pragmatic Midwest, work in the show leans away from an art-for-arts sake mindset toward creating solidly marketable things.

Emerging from the incubator are pieces with sublime, subtle differentiation. MIAD’s tiny campus area also houses the Eisner Museum of American Advertising and Design. The loft-like space mounts retrospectives of ID and graphic design studios which have written the dominant vocabularies of American design, like the upcoming Charles Anderson Exhibit. The MIAD Graduate Exhibition runs through 5 August 2006.

by Kristopher Irizarry