Milan Design Week 2009: Gaetano Pesce x Meritalia


A rogue practitioner, Gaetano Pesce has made a career out of challenging the status quo. This year, with no less than three new collections for the furniture producer Meritalia, he proves his mastery once again. All week I had been waiting for the moment of astonishment that strikes when one is confronted with the inexplicable power of a moving design. Pesce’s new creations—Colorado (top image), Gli Amici and Montanara—drew from me an emotional applause that has yet to fade.

The following quote from Pesce, while written explicitly in regards to his Montanara collection, best summarizes these sensational designs. “At the risk of boring my readers, I would like to reaffirm my belief that the image is this era’s most appropriate means of expression. But at the same time I must admit that architects and product designers are lagging behind in recognizing this opportunity for renewal. The finest professionals in the industry, both architects and designers alike, are still expressing their creativity through geometric abstractions for which their “creations” adhere more strictly to their respective disciplines of building (not architecture) and decoration than changing climates.”

See the slideshow above for more images of a true renewal of expression.