Find Out What Nana Will Do Next

The winning entry in the Nexcare Brand contest puts the courageous character, and the durable products, to the test yet again


From being blasted by a firehose to diving into a dumpster, Nexcare Nana—the brand’s fearless hero—has been through just about every dirty, grimy and soaking wet situation one could think up. That is, until the brand called on the public to submit ideas for Nana’s next challenge. The team trawled through over 13,000 ideas—each one crazier than the last—and decided on a winner. Robbie S of Indianapolis not only had his idea made into a hilarious, but ultimately very sweet, Nana-starring video, he also scored a $2,500 Visa gift card and a year’s supply of Nexcare Bandages.

So, what have Robbie and the team at Nexcare Brand put the adventurous, bandage-loving Nana through this time? Nana has driven through a carwash in an open-roofed convertible—with a cute scarf on her head and a Nexcare Waterproof Bandage on her arm.

While Nana’s fuzzy dice don’t make it, the bandage certainly does. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages prove once again to offer superior protection against water, dirt and germs; while Nana has also shown us she is not only a tough cookie, she looks ultra-glam even when driving through a carwash with the top down.

Video and images courtesy of Nexcare