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Omhu Cane

Democratic design firm launches with a paint-dipped cane

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Omhu, a modern take on a traditional cane, turns the practical tool into an eye-catching accessory. The first product from the NYC-based company’s “Aids For Daily Living” collection, the Omhu cane is inspired by the efficiency of Scandinavian furniture and the glossy aesthetic of high-end bicycles.

Meaning “with great care” in Danish, Ohmu was founded by a trio of design executives who share the common thread of assisting relatives and friends in need of help with simple everyday tasks such as walking, bathing or reaching overhead. Susy Korb (formerly of Tiffany’s, Chrstie’s and Harry Winston), Rie Norregaard (Microsoft, Nike, Samsung) and Susan Towers (Kiehl’s 1851, Time Inc., Assouline), like the architects involved in the New Aging conference, are all working toward progressive design for an aging population.


Based on the design group’s shared experiences and expertise, Ohmu’s Baltic Birch cane is designed with an easy-to-grip handle, a high-strength yet lightweight aluminum shaft and a cushioned patented tip. The handle grip also keeps the cane from falling over when leaned against a wall.

Launching 1 November 2010, the recyclable cane will sell in three different sizes of small, medium and large, and come in a variety of color finishes (of American bicycle paint). You can pre-order the cane from Elderluxe, or look out for it online from Ohmu, as well as from shop at Cooper Hewitt, C.O. Bigelow Pharmacy and Assouline’s NYC store for $125. Stay tuned for future Ohmu product launches which include an accompanying illuminated cane dock.


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