Antarctica Sub Zero Pop-Up Bar and Restaurant


As São Paulo's humid summer approaches, just in time to help cool things down an unusual pop-up restaurant/bar called Estação Antarctica Sub Zero opens this weekend in the bar-heavy neighborhood of Vila Madalena. Conceived to promote the Brazilian beer company Antarctica's new beer, the temporary venue celebrates their double-filtration process at 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit and the refreshing new drink.

The space, an inflatable giant igloo divided into two areas holds a bar with food and area for live bands, plus another bar totally made of ice—with cups, walls and even a sofa made of frozen water. Patrons don specially provided clothes and can stay inside only 20 minutes in the five degrees Fahrenheit temps. Branding and publicity super-agency B\Ferraz planned and put together the space.


If the concept sounds familiar, it is. While Estação Antarctica Sub Zero recalls Absolut Vodka's Icebars, this traveling restaurant and bar boasts a bigger size at 3,230 square feet. Servers will also work 20 minute shifts, making this truly fast food.

Estação Antarctica Sub Zero is open Thursdays through Sundays for two weekends before moving on to other Brazilian cities.