Pigeon Toe Ceramics Spring 2010

Charming modern pottery handmade from locally-sourced clay

pidgeon-ceramics-5.jpg pidgeon-ceramics-6.jpg

A Portland, OR-based company, Pigeon Toe Ceramics produces high-quality ceramic pieces for the home. Fine artist and former graphic designer Lisa Jones takes the homegrown, local aesthetic to heart, hand throwing each piece from clay sourced and manufactured in the city of Portland, and firing them in a kiln powered by solar and wind energy.


Jones’ Spring 2010 collection includes plant hangers, crockery and a series of pendant lights, all with Pigeon Toe’s trademark simple lines, unassuming colors and clean, luminous simplicity.

pidgeon-ceramics-1.jpg pidgeon-ceramics-sugar.jpg

In addition to commissioned and pre-made wares, Jones also collaborates with local female artists to produce limited-edition edition runs of hand-painted pieces. Known as PTC+, the series includes work by Alyson Graves, Kelly Britton Andreini, and Alia Smith.

pidgeon-ceramics-lamp.jpg pidgeon-ceramics-plant.jpg

Items ordered from Jones shop are made to order and take three weeks to ship. For a selection of goods already made, check out the Pigeon Toe Ceramics’ Etsy shop.