Preloved Roots Garden Nursery

A haven for neglected plants offering a chance at a second home


Not everybody has a green thumb—and sometimes it takes a plant-related failure to realize this. As a resource for such situations, Sydney, Australia’s Preloved Roots provides an alternate ending. In a way, it’s an orphanage for plants needing revitalization, but that maintain hope at future ownership. Conservationist David Hannan opened the nursery to save greenery that would otherwise find itself in the trash or the side of the street. Preloved Roots accepts donations of unwanted plants, herbs and trees—as well as anything pertaining to the garden (be that a pot or a gnome). They’ll also send someone to pick it all up.


Preloved Roots nurses unwanted plants back to health, or simply maintains them if they were received in good condition. Plus, as they’re basically a thrift shop for flora, their resale prices are much cheaper than a traditional nursery. As of now, the organization currently stocks over 60 different types of plants, in a myriad of pots and planters. There’s a lot of love within the glass nursery walls, and an emphasis on keeping things circulating locally. And they even sell plants online.

Found thanks to Broadsheet Sydney, images courtesy of Preloved Roots