Scene, by All: Presentations at NYFW F/W ’15

Our favorite insider moments, as shared on Instagram

As we’ve continued to experience, there’s far more to New York Fashion Week than clothing. While it is an insight into what the world will soon be wearing—reflective of months of ideation, process and execution—it’s also a tremendous presentation of theatricality and craft. Among the hundreds of shows that took place during the week, these are a handful of moments that captured the creativity and kinetic energy of New York’s biannual offering, as seen on Instagram. From shimmering gold to bursts of color, these images highlight the range the F/W ’15 offerings.

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With vibrancy, runway show regular and writer Lia Pellerano captured the striking colors of Del Pozo, among the stark white, tree-like set accessories. Innovators Rodarte were captured with magnificence by Julie Delage, the production coordinator for Bureau Betak, who construct some of the most visually stunning sets every fashion week.

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Susan Gertner of Largetail captured Amber Rose walking for Laurel Dewitt. Gertner says that she snapped the photo because “it was Amber Rose being Amber Rose, and 2015 is the year of the goddess.” To spice up their Instagram for fashion week, PR Consulting hired photographer Kat Irlin to take over images. On her Sophie Theallet photo, she notes, “For me, it’s about creating a sense of emotion.” She attempting to capture moments beyond the expected with each image.

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Matt Sebra, Senior Men’s Editor at Gilt, explains the Carlos Campos presentation best with his image and the accompanying caption: “Clothes made collage-style; layers of black and navy, wool and neoprene… fresh spin on media mixing.” Author and model John Tuite of Raat City took part in this year’s Moncler extravaganza, dubbed the “Love Factory,” where couples stood atop shifting platforms (fashioned like a chocolate box) and kissed. As he says of the experience, “I feel lucky to have done it with my boyfriend and not just a randomly cast model. I mean, who even imagines being strapped to a spinning platform over a hundred feet in the air, making out with their lover like two figurines in a giant music box?”

Writer Karley Sciortino attended this season’s Chromat runway show and shot a striking image of a latex ensemble. Sciortino observes, “Chromat is one of New York’s most exciting young labels. Their futuristic latex designs add power to the standard sexiness of everyday lingerie. I applaud any designer who celebrates size diversity on the runway.” CH’s David Graver spied one of the season’s most interesting accessories at VFILES. “The entire presentation exceeded expectations,” he says. “But when you’re at a runway show and a giant dog starts strolling along with the models, a new level of excitement and curiosity arises.”

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