Scene, by All: Made Fashion Week by Peroni

The best shared social media images of men's fashion during New York Fashion Week

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MADE Fashion Week at New York City’s Milk Studios presents some of the hippest, most innovative designers and their wares for one week, twice a year. With such an abundance of creativity, energy and celebration, it’s the perfect spot to find out what’s next for menswear. Peroni, MADE Fashion Week’s beer of choice, asked Cool Hunting to head down to Milk and scope out the best of the men’s world and what’s in store for SS 2014.

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Designer Alan Eckstein of the white-hot brand Timo Weiland, snagged a wonderful photo of their upcoming SS line. According to Eckstein, “I took the picture because we are crazy about the broken stripe sweaters. I really wanted to use a traditional stripe sweater and remix it a bit and put a bit of ’50s ease on the polo/cardigan.”

Patrik Ervell, a Milk Studio favorite, featured a pre-show Instagram of coiffed hair and a white collar. The line was quite sharp, classy and clean, with a little prep to each step.

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Attendee Sam Corbett
snagged a photo of designer Carlos Campos wearing his own line, with a model from the SS show. Corbett notes that “Carlos Campos uses impeccable tailoring to take what could be an ordinary piece of clothing—like athletic shorts—to the next level. I love seeing his presentations at Milk, and getting to take a look at all the other designers’ works right next door. It’s like a one-stop shopping trip for innovative menswear.”

CH’s own David Graver was present for the Pyer Moss SS14 presentation. His take on the pieces involved a recognition that future-forward and athletic streetwear have blended. “There was a futuristic edge to Pyer Moss’ collection. The sporty nature of all the clothes, and use of Olympic fencer Race Imboden, conveyed a superior sense of athletic artistry. The collection, while being forward, also felt fit for the streets.”

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At Rochambeau, Winston Peters, of MyÜberLife, found excitement within the innovation. “The Rochambeau SS14 collection presentation was solid! The pieces were clean with an edge. The use of leather in designs has been very popular, the leather accents on the clothing complemented the pieces, it wasn’t overpowering. Definitely saw myself in some of the pieces in the collection.”

There’s inherent theatricality in fashion; it starts on the stage and ends up on the streets. Design firm Snarkitecture was called in for the former by fashion house En Noir. Snarkitecture‘s founder Alex Mustonen, notes that there is unity in the stage, the style and movement in men’s fashion. Jason Wolter (the Creative Director of En Noir) and Rob Garcia (their designer) were fundamental collaborators in turning “what is generally white” into a “fashion theater.” Mustonen says, “We developed a stage piece. It’s a wasteland—dark themed, black-on-black, industrial and natural.” It reflected the clothes not only worn, but used within.

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Co-Founder of BELLAVANCE, designer Nolan Bellavance sat on the MADE For Peroni Young Designer Awards judging panel and will serve as the mentor to this year’s winner, New York-based Chris Gelinas. Bellavance showcased the panel of members on his Instagram, including superstar model Coco Rocha. He shared with CH that he “had such an amazing time judging this year’s Made for Peroni Young Designer award with founder Jenné Lombardo, Zanna Rassi and Coco Rocha. It was such an honor to pass the torch on to this years winner Chris Gelinas.” The MADE for Peroni Young Designer Awards offered budding designers the opportunity to compete for $40,000 dedicated toward the production and creative vision required to launch a collection; which will be revealed at the winning designer’s presentation at MADE Fashion Week in February 2014. This is Peroni‘s second year hosting the awards.

The Instagram of baker Kait Turshen of the blog Bubble Girl Bakes captured the iconic Jeremy Scott at Milk Studios. As he has embraced bright colors, eccentric patterns and street-inspired apparel, Scott brings the rest of fashion with him—as this photo shows. As Turshen explains, “In a sea of serious souls, Jeremy Scott reminds us every season that fashion is supposed to be fabulously fun. His show, as always, packed a whimsical punch. His “Bubble Gum” retro-pop approach for spring, paired with a soundtrack of golden oldies, including “Lollipop” and “Band of Gold,” strutted the past and the future down the runway together today—leaving us with feelings of both nostalgia and a longing to fast forward to spring.”

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