Scientistic Invitational: Call for Submissions

Scientistic Invitational

I will be on the jury of IDSA-LA's first annual Scientistic Invitational, an interdisciplinary design exhibition seeking inventive and experimental projects. What makes this exhibition unique is that we'll be judging with a greater focus on creativity, process and theory than on the finished product. The deadline for submissions is next month, so hurry up and send your stuff in.

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The Los Angeles chapter of the Industrial Designer’s Society of America (IDSA-LA) announces the launch of its first annual Scientistic Invitational, a juried interdisciplinary design exhibition. In an open call for submissions, Scientistic Invitational seeks inventive and experimental projects from all designers: students and seasoned professionals, individually and collectively, locally and beyond.

At the inception of an idea, provoking conversation between peers propels us toward the most groundbreaking solutions and fuels the undercurrent of any movement. Scientistic Invitational seeks to unearth these ideas at their crucial early stages, engaging the design community at large in a conversation with an eye toward the future.

Juried by a diverse group of respected industry leaders, such as Yves Behar, Jennifer Siegal and Josh Rubin, projects will be evaluated with a focus on creativity, process and theory rather than the finished product. Designers that demonstrate a particular resourcefulness and curiosity are strongly encouraged to enter their latest creations, theories or pipe dreams. Accounts of epiphanies in the shower, research that led to unintended conclusions, and even design mishaps that ended happily are most welcome to Scientistic Invitational.

Submissions will be accepted from January 24 through April 1, 2005, culminating in an exhibition at the “DesignTECH Connect” Conference on May 13 in Pasadena, CA. The exhibition will feature two selections from each of the following entry categories: Food, Mobility, Ritual, Shelter, Systems, Manifesto, Wearable, and Health & Body. Scientistic Invitational’s unique categories invite designers to play outside the standard bounds of industrial design.