Sixfold’s Dynamic Leather Carriers

A range of handmade products from the Hudson Valley for toting beer

Sixfold, located in the Hudson Valley, is a small group of craftspeople who share the common goal of revolutionizing product design. They manufacture leather beer-carriers and other accessories like bottle openers while maintaining a production that is as friendly to the environment as possible. Their products are up on Kickstarter now, primarily to fund their own in-house laser machine which cuts leather into their special proprietary shapes. The group even has a patent-pending fold-and-notch system that offers a quick and easy way to assemble product. Even more appealing is Sixfold’s desire to bring together communities and help small businesses, while respecting tradition and supporting local breweries.

The leather beer carrier is Sixfold’s primary product and comes in both six-pack and four-pack sizes. Flat-packed with just a few interlocking pieces, assembly is almost foolproof. The carriers feature a center spine and separators made of sustainably sourced walnut, plus two interwoven sheaths of leather, which—in six folds—come together to become a reliable drink tote. The act of physically assembling it yourself delivers a better understanding of Sixfold’s mission to make the consumer-creator relationship much closer. Sixfold’s founder and designer Joshua Karl shares with CH that “So much of my inspiration is derived from the Hudson Valley itself and the community here. People are passionate about their quality of life and natural resources. The products reflect the amazing materials we’ve been able to source locally, which aren’t just superior to the stuff we’d find overseas, but also more sustainable.” Altogether, the beer carrier is attractive for its innovative design and simplicity, but the product is eco-friendly and made locally, which truly seals the deal. Skip the usual party pickups and get excited to share your favorite craft beers with friends.

Support Sixfold on Kickstarter where a $25 pledge will land you a bottle-opener and a $60 pledge results in a four-pack carrier.

Images courtesy of Sixfold