Stephen Burks: Cappellini Love


Yesterday at the Fiera Milano, walking through the sprawling campus of the supergroup cappellinilove1.jpg

Where are they produced?
They will be produced in South Africa. These are the first prototypes using techniques that we develop independently of the artisans, and then we teach them how to do it. And in my opinion, why not make things by hand? We have a lot of people with a lot of skill, who can produce, so we don't always have to rely on industrial production.

How are they made?
They're made from bagloads of shredded magazines, mostly old Wallpaper and Domus… I keep the good ones (laughs). These were made from my old collection of magazines, but I don't know how we're going to do the production, we really have to gather a ton of magazines and newspapers. There's a paper structure, which is then stuffed with paper; it's a new paper maché technique. And then we use a non-toxic adhesive and hardener for the surface.