Swizz Style Henry Air Purifier


Whether you think it resembles an aardvark or a leech, the new Henry air purifier by Swizz Style is a modern low-profile way to remove all the junk—dust, pollen, soot, spores, smells, some germs, etc.—from the air. Using a five-stage filter, air enters through the base, passing through a carbon/HEPA filter, a plasma generator, a Titanium Dioxide and UV light, a negative Ion generator and a fragrance holder (which we hope is optional) before it's recirculated into the room. The Henry features an automatic shut-off, stands just over 50" tall, makes very little noise and is available in white metallic or black metallic. Only recently launched, contact Swizz Style at info [at] swizz-style [dot] com for more information.