Eight Thank You Cards


Expressing appreciation for those who celebrated the season of giving makes a great way to begin the new year. We highlighted some of our favorite ways to say thanks here. From affectionate to witty, each card channels sincere sentiments of gratitude.

Applying trendy catchphrases to letterpress cards, NYC-based Greenwich Letterpress offers "Mad Props" on recycled paper while L.A.-based Richie Designs lets that someone special know just how "Amazing" they really are (both pictured above). Each runs about $5.


Muji's box type message card (pictured above) provides an alternative to the traditional card, packing flat and unfolding into a 3D card boasting the skylines of NYC, London or Paris. With space on the back to write a message, the card-plus is a greeting that could be kept on view year round. From Muji for $9.

Red Cap Cards lend their smart illustrations for a charming card, one of many in their collection of whimsical thank you notes. The "Two Bird Thank You" is printed using soy ink on 60% tree free recycled paper. Equally winsome with a touch of irony, Sycamore Streets letterpress card keeps the snail mail chain going with its inscription "I expect a thank you note for this thank you note." Each costs $4, from Red Cap (above left) and Sycamore Streets (above right). (Click images for detail.)


Baltimore-based Green Star Studio's easy DIY card features hand-drawn illustrations meant for coloring in and speech bubbles for adding a personal messagse. Each six-pack of endearing animal drawings will set you back $9.


Both London-based and both offering cheeky greetings for total fun, Offensive+Delightful's "Thank You So Fucking Much" (above left) and Lazy Oaf's "You're the Tits" cards (above right), supplying an irreverent humor to the typically trite thank you. Both sell for around £3 each.