Six Unexpected Planters

Flower pots and more that surprise through their designs, colors and materials

A sprig of growth can perk up any corner of any room. There’s a natural artistry, dictated by environment, to the wonders of growing your own plants. And considering the abundance of planters out on the market, its bed can be just as stunning as the plant itself. After scoping out the market, these six selections stood out from the crowd. From wearing a plant on your lapel to embracing the heights of a hanger, there is something a little unexpected to all of them.


The Hidden Bookshelf Planter

This unassuming planter from Japanese design firm YOY slips into your bookshelf, tucked among the rest, allowing for leaves to grow above. The Hidden Bookshelf Planter—composed of PMMA and PVC—is a slender volume, designed after a fictional book named “The Life of Plants.” It also stands up on its own if you open the front flap, for a surprising and stylish optical illusion. YOY sells their planters online.

WearablePlanter-02a.jpg WearablePlanter-02b.jpg
The Planter Lapel Pin

There’s no better way to keep your plants close than by wearing them. Petite and handmade, the Planter Lapel Pin is unisex and charming. Crafted from 3D-printed nylon plastic, it magnetically attaches to clothing so there’s no damage done to attire. This isn’t just a corsage; it’s a planter that requires looking after and it’s definitely worth the work. Available from Etsy for $39.


The Air Plant Garden

Mounted within a beautiful smoky quartz crystal, this Falcon and Finch
planter sports a burst of Tillandsia. There’s a delicate beauty to this all-natural item. Each is made-to-order but retails for just $15. Air plants are incredibly easy to maintain, mostly flourishing with bright light. Around one to two inches tall, each air plant commands just a little space for the amount of energy it offers to any room.

SARAI01a.jpg SARAI01b.jpg
Sarai Planter

A burst of neon yellow makes the Sarai Planter a sight to behold. This poured concrete creation is durable, delightful and its geometric shape offers a nice variation from the more common spheres. At £43 it’s also reasonably priced for the hand-crafted eccentricities it boasts.

CeramicHanging-01.jpg CeramicHanging-01a.jpg
Ceramic Mini Hanging Planters

Jo Lucksted Ceramics delivers a lot of character with their planters—quite literally. Each hand-formed ceramic hanging plant bed is adorned with its own face, intricately painted. They’re charming, cute and each is unique. The pots are then strung on cotton cord or jute garden twine to complete the package. At $53, they’re one-of-a-kind planters with a lot of personality.


HRUSKAA Medium Hanging Planter

From handmade wooden beads strung atop nylon cord, HRUSKAA‘s medium hanging planter is designed to take your preexisting mid-sized pots and offer them a little height.
This beautiful macrame planter (available for $45) adds another dimension to any room and even frees up counter space and grants plants new opportunities for finding a space in your home.

Images courtesy of respective brands