The Dipper Audio Necklace by Tinsel

Earbuds sporting excellent sound quality, but designed like a piece of jewelry

While the world is in no short supply of quality headphones, there’s nothing quite like The Dipper—a debut product from design firm Tinsel. It’s an all-in-one luxury audio necklace aimed at avoiding tangles and stowing integrated earbuds away conveniently when not in use. Oftentimes, wearables sacrifice aesthetic value for the sake of functionality. Here, both support one another and the resulting piece—from high-end materials to geometric organization—is chic.

“One of the common things I’ve observed with wearables today is that they haven’t demonstrated themselves to people as a necessity. When people see the headphone functionality of The Dipper, they get it. It’s useful to them,” Tinsel’s founder Aniyia Williams explains to CH. “We thought of ways to relieve really common friction points: digging in bags, untangling. It’s solved by wearing it on your body.” Williams worked with product designer Phnam Bagley who balanced knowledge of the fashion world with a history of developing headphones. With a microphone and three control buttons, it’s easy to navigate and also allows users to take phone calls and even summon Siri. And the necklace never needs charging because it works with a standard 3.5 mm audio plug-in as opposed to BlueTooth.

Snag The Dipper for $149 on Indiegogo.

Images by Cool Hunting