Luzli’s Roller MK1 Hand-Crafted Headphones

Aluminum and stainless steel earphones that fold up to fit into a pocket

Many attributes factor into decision-making about headphones. Sound quality must always remain high on the list, but for those who oftentimes find the bulkiness of headphones an issue, the Luzli Roller MK1 has a pretty innovative solution. These handmade aluminum and stainless steel headphones feature a foldable link design, employing 22 springs, that allows them to roll right up into a petite bundle. At the smallest folded size, they can be stowed into a pocket. From precision machining to hand-assembling in Switzerland, there’s a durability employed here, aimed at keeping the device intact to deliver reliable sound for years.

Swiss and British Design Duo TECA have been developing these headphones—and the overarching Luzli brand—for years. We first set eyes on them at this year’s Maison et Objet design fair in Paris. The folding capabilities are certainly the most alluring attribute, but the aluminum headband also serves another role: adaptability. The distinct construction allows for substantial adjustment and contouring. To support the comfort offerings of the earphones, TECA includes two sets of removable clip-on Memory Foam ear cushions. The headphones come complete with a controller cable. And regarding sound quality one finds two paired 30mm drivers within.

The Luzli Roller MK1 headphones will be available in Japan first, with distribution elsewhere shortly. The retail price is expected to be between €4000-6000.

Images courtesy of TECA