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Tom Dixon’s ROCK Homeware Collection

Sculptural, marbled additions to any tabletop

ROCK, Tom Dixon Studio‘s newest collection, embodies Dixon’s affinity for marble, playfulness and solid materiality. The line of Indian green marble artifacts includes varying sizes of candleholders, three different serving boards and our favorite, a pair of dumbbells that do double duty as door stops.

All of the pieces carry impressive weight—making them sturdy additions to your table or desk. As with any marble finishes on each vary slightly, depending on the stone it was cut from. Drawn up from Dixon’s trips to India and the workspaces of hand-lathe workers in Rajasthan and Agra, the shapes were born from being easily worked on the lathe.

The collection, ranging from $110 to $225, is available now on Tom Dixon Studio‘s website and in their flagship store in King’s Cross.

Images courtesy of Tom Dixon Studio


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