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Top Five from Module R

Our favorite items from the flexible-use design retailer

Last month’s opening of the new Brooklyn design store Module R marked a welcome addition to the world of affordable design for small urban spaces. Every item bears some kind of modular quality, appealing to people who favor customizable furnishings with DIY personality. The following five items are our top selects from the online store.



This historic toy design was recently re-introduced by Danish company ArchitectMade. The simple birds are equipped with rotating heads and swappable torsos, giving them an infinite variety of moods from curious and excited to morose and tuckered-out. The family of birds spans generations from children (the small ones) to grandparents (the short, fat ones) in a mix of natural and smoked oak.


Sugarcane Wall Panels

There’s a fairy tale quality to the composition of these customizable wall panels made from sugarcane byproducts. The natural material is biodegradable and easily cut to the desired dimensions with a household blade. An economical and potentially inspiring design solution, the wall coverings can be painted or left as is.


Stix and Stones Necklace

The magnetized components of this geometric necklace give the wearer freedom to change up one’s bling on a whim. The “stix” come in the form of stainless steel rods of varying lengths with magnetic ends and are accompanied by the “stones,” or metal marbles that react to the rods. The necklace is available in sets of six or 14 pieces.


Gagnon Studio Grid Wall

We love the asymmetrical design of this divider, perfect for those living in cozy studio apartments. The grid gives your room a nice sense of separation while retaining the room’s visual space. With the option to hang from the ceiling or affix between vertical supports, this screen works in practically any space.


Table Table

A perfect and simple solution for people with spacial restraints, the polygonal pieces of this customizable table can be combined in a number of different ways. The table is made from folded aluminum, with personalized color finishes available upon request.


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