The Tote Bag Book

An extended collection of brilliantly designed tote bags compiled by artist Jitesh Patel


UK based designer Jitesh Patel started a blog based on his interest in tote bag artwork that has become a forum for the showcased artists. From there he turned the site into paperback form—his book “The Tote Bag” highlights striking and inventive designs including his own illustrations on the cover and the free canvas tote that accompanies the book.


In recent years the tote bag has become more widely used by the environmentally conscious as a simple way to cut down on the use of disposable bags. The question always asked is, “paper or plastic” but since the birth of the canvas tote bag, people can say neither and opt for their own bag. Besides cutting down your carbon footprint it’s a fun way to express your style.


Patel opened his Shoreditch, London studio in 2007 to be a base for his artistic talents. He is a brilliant illustrator and lends his talents in advertising, brand design and art direction. Patel’s interest in tote bags drew the attention of designers from all over who contributed their work to his book.

The Tote Bag book is available from various retailers for £19.