Vanessa Prager and Lizzy Waronker: Little Dream Installation


For one night only, WeSC's L.A. concept store will host a conceptual installation featuring the works of artists Vanessa Prager and Lizzy Waronker.

Crafting a fairytale world in an outdoor terrarium, the duo's exhibit consists of a secret garden-like setting paired with paintings and assemblage sculptures that evoke feelings of dreams and mystery.


Waronker makes her sculptures using curiosities old and new, fusing the bric-a-brac together to create oft-eerie scenes displayed in items like old cabinets and involving vintage doll heads, tribal figures, twigs and small antiquities—each one evidence of Waronker's background in film and story-telling abilities.


Looking back on old family photographs, Prager paints an imagined future using vibrant colors to depict forbidding scenes. Her expert way of portraying ingenuous characters leaves viewers feeling ultimately connected to her unearthly world.


Little Dream
1 October 2009, 7-11pm
WeSC Concept Store
144 South Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 map
tel. +1 310 385 9315