Boxed Water Is Better


With Boxed Water Is Better, the only thing you're really consuming is the water itself. A new brand—and concept—Boxed Water has successfully taken the bottled water phenomenon to eco-friendly heights.

They've lowered the carbon footprint by shipping their unfilled recyclable containers flat to the water source, keeping the cargo pollution to a minimum while maximizing the capabilities of the carton, which can be broken down again post-consumption. Of course it'd be ideal if even less transport was involved, but as a "part sustainable water company, part philanthropic project," they're all for giving back to the resources they're taking from by donating 20% of their profits to world water relief and tree reforestation foundations.

With all of that goodness and an elegantly designed package, Boxed Water Is Better, while not perfect, is actually just better. Sold primarily in Michigan currently, sign up for their mailing list to see when Boxed Water will be sold at a retailer near you.