Blankoat Giveaway


Seemingly only a couch-lazing accessory, Blankoat is actually a fully functional, extremely soft coat perfect for the aforementioned activity, as well as for keeping warm during the winter months. Designed with a generous collar that drapes dramatically and can be worn as a hood (for that sexy Druid look), it's a thoughtfully and beautifully executed version of the concept.

Comprised of wool from Icelandic sheep (known for their pure pedigree and dual-coated fleece), the Blankoat is woven with both coarse and fine fibers. The coarse fiber, called Tog, is a durable, water-resistant thread used for weaving whereas the finer fiber, Thel, is a super-soft, insulating thread used for garments that touch the skin—making Blankoat both strong and cozy.

Grown, shorn, knitted, cut, sewn and boxed in Iceland, Blankoat is available online from designer Sruli Recht's website for €250. We're also giving one away to a lucky CH reader. To win, simply go to the bottom of the page, click on Contact and select "Blankoat Giveaway" from the drop-down menu. We'll pick at random from entries received before 11:59 pm EST on 8 April 2009.