Plaztik Mag x Factory Fresh: Boxed In

by Ariston Anderson


A prime example of the way global economic anxieties are already showing up in art is the group show "Boxed In," the latest presented by Plaztik Mag and Factory Fresh, in which artists created their cardboard dream home.

Alison Corrie, best known for her gorgeous design work and delicate collages, built a beautiful gyspy caravan, inspired by those she saw on her travels in Southern France. Artist Morgan Sheasby, created a miniature version of a log cabin, based on a design for a real log cabin he plans on building in upstate NY one day. While made out of cardboard, the structure is a testament to his architectural craft. Noah Sparkes took full advantage of the challenge with his vagrant interpretation of Buckminister Fuller’s geodesic dome, complete with Astroturf and internal lighting.


A cardboard bodega from Skewville offers bargain goods for sale, while CiscoNYC amazes people with a beautifully crafted, cardboard robot living among a cityscape.

While hopefully not a reality for most artists as we continue to trudge through the down season, the show is noteworthy in its interpretation of making the most out of nothing during hard times, resulting in a beautiful collection of work that challenges both the medium of cardboard and how we inhabit our own spaces.

Boxed In
Through 21 May 2009
Factory Fresh
1053 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237 map
tel. +1 212 243 1053