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Chocolove’s Chocolatour Single Origin Bars


Chocolove has released the 2005 edition of their single-origin Chocolatour bars. As with previous releases, the cocoa beans from any given country must be worthy enough to stand on their own. The flavour characteristics of a specific country tend to remain similar from year to year, but each vintage imparts its own distinct character.

Varieties included in this vintage include: Tanzania 76% Dark Chocolate, Dominican Republic 70% Dark Chocolate, São Tomé 70% Dark Chocolate, Grenada 60% Dark Chocolate and Java 33% Milk Chocolate.

I've been enjoying the São Tomé most of all. And looking back at at last year's vintage I felt the same way. The Tanzania bar is new this vintage and another standout.

Chocolove's organic bars recently launched (both are excellent) and their Toffee and Almond bar is the only milk chocolate bar you'll find in the CH HQ chocolate drawer. Widely available and only a few dollars a bar (and online by the case), Chocolove continues to produce some of the best tasting and most affordable bars around.


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