Deva Naturals

Mangosteen and other exotic Thai fruits and veggies star in a line of deliciously healthy snacks and spices


Nitti Sachdeva imports fruits and spices from her native Thailand for her line of delicious chutneys, freeze-dried mangosteen and Thai Tom Yum herbs under the name Deva Naturals. The impassioned Vermont-based chef, dedicated to fusion cuisine, combines her zesty Eastern products with Western concepts for dishes like Spaghetti Phat Khee Maao, Philly Stuffed Haddock and Mangosteen Margaritas.


Also known as “The Mangosteen Lady,” Sachdeva offers the anti-oxidant-rich tropical fruit freeze dried for healthy snacking or as a chutney (along with Berry Medley and Peach) for a variety of culinary options.

devanaturals3.jpg devanaturals4.jpg

The Indian and Thai spices make an ideal rub for backyard barbecues, but added to cream cheese for a quick dip or to pizza, as Sachdeva suggests, are tasty options too.

Deva Naturals products sell online, prices vary but begin at $5 for a tin of authentic Indian masala spices.