Fichimori Chilled Red Wine

A lively Italian red for summertime sipping


We’re now a few years deep into rosé resurgence, and though some may think it’s the perfect fit for every sunny afternoon and moonlight dinner, there are other options in the chilled wine market—including reds. When we recently tried Fichimori Salento, now making its way across the US, we were delighted. This chilled red wine, from Puglian producer Tormaresca, is fresh and vibrant, not too sweet and quite dynamic. From the tart aromatic notes to the refreshing, balanced fruit palate it’s as enjoyable as a rosé, but much fuller and opens up even more summertime pairing options.

Fichimori is composed primarily of Negroamaro grapes (native to the south of Italy, and much less common in winemaking than other grapes), with a touch of additional (Massiera Maime) Syrah grapes. The blend allows for minimal tannins and oak, making it a perfect wine to chill—best served between 46 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s all the product of a cold-maceration process, continued for five days, that allows for the extraction of specific varietal aromas. Puglia’s winemaking reputation continues to strengthen and with this modern wine made in conjunction with old world ways, it’s understandable why.

Fichimori Salento is available for purchase from select stockists for $16.

Photos by David Graver